RELAW by no means claims to provide a “full service” nor to compete with the large law firms!

RELAW offers you its long experience and its competences in the various fields of law in relation to commercial and corporate real estate.

Its reduced size is an asset: it constitutes a guarantee of independence, confidentiality and responsiveness.

RELAW will also provide you with the benefit of its network of competences and quality correspondents (specialized fellow-lawyers in Belgium as well as abroad, surveyors, company auditors, bailiffs, notaries).

Speciality areas in real estate

  • Civil law
    • Commercial and civil lease
    • Rights of occupancy (temporary concessions, pop-up stores)
    • Real rights, emphyteusis, surface area, easements
    • Right of co-ownershi
    • Contract
    • Securities and lie
  • Judicial law
    • Procedure (Courts and ‘Justice of the Peace’ experience)
    • Respect of procedural delays
    • Conservatory measures, seizures, enforcement of judgements
  • Commercial law
    • Service and enterprise contracts (subcontractors, construction companies)
    • Market practices
  • New technologies
    • Retail experience
    • Remotely-metered consumption, security systems
  • Service and construction contracts
  • Bankruptcies and companies in difficulty.
  • Insurances and liabilities (waivers of rights of recourse and various contractual clauses, commercial third party liability, ‘Construction all Risk’ professional third party liability, strict liability insurance, decennial liability)
  • Intellectual property
  • Taxation (Registration, VAT)
  • Environmental law (sustainable building, green lease, soil management, energy and PEB-Noise Exposure Plan, permits)
  • Administrative law (professional regulations and ethics, permits, mobility, permission charges)